After a seven and a half year battle on my hands against my estranged ex partner I had one final attempt to keep a roof over my head. I had difficulty in having any faith in anyone again after, the 5 Solicitors (uk) a Spanish Solicitor, a Barrister and a couple of Judges, and the Spanish Notary had all let me down. All just saw me as a cash cow, even the numerous impartial Ombudesmen were a waste of time. My partner had suggested I contact a legal firm far away from home who had International knowledge and expertise. But I was thousands of pounds in debt and in fear of losing my home, reflecting on the past had made me doubt that anyone could sort my affairs out. I was desperate I just felt that nobody would understand, my family and friends didn't understand why I was pursuing the fight and didn't know the full truth of the matter. I am a 67 year old pensioner of poor health, my GP put me on Anti-depressants just another item on the list. I was sent to Counsellors 'yes and they wanted paying' and to the Citizens Advice Bureau to no avail.

But that was until I met a Lawyer many miles from home but well worth the journey all though I didn't know it at the time, by the name of Mr. Toby Taylor of Harriet -George, Lincoln. Not afraid to speak his mind I knew from the start we would get on.

After just seven months I sit here in my little bungalow and can't quite believe what has happened. Toby went to court today, I wasn't well enough to go, when he phoned to say after being infront of the Judge for twenty minutes he had won my case and it was finally over. There are no words that can express my sheer gratitude and over whelming relief to this true gentleman, he's the man if you want someone with dogged determination and who will fight for the truth, as we say around my area True Grit


I'd like to personally thank Toby Taylor LLB Hons and team at H&G Legal Consultants for swiftly sorting out my property dispute in Larnaca, Cyprus which was mis-sold to me by the developers.

The stress after receiving a writ in the UK from Alpha bank in Cyprus, caused no end of misery for the last ten years and despite many promises and expense from solicitors in the UK ending in dead ends and going nowhere causing huge expenses, I came across L&G and spoke to Toby,

He was very reassuring and took the stress away and came up with a constructive speedy solution at a fixed affordable cost.

Toby is always at the end of the phone and has resolved the situation in less than eight months.

The property has been taken back and I have received a refund from the developers which is not short of a miracle!

Any one requiring help if you feel that you have been ripped-off, should speak to H&G.

David Hebditch (

​What do you do when you lose everything, when debt collectors are chasing you and your family fall apart ......this is what happened to me.

Having purchased property in Cyprus over 12 years ago with what I though a honest , well loved family company then to be lied cheated and left debt ridden on the brink of a nervous breakdown thinking its jail for me .....I came upon a name on the Internet who went on to save my life ....goodness knows what Toby though of this crying Scottish lady who could hardly spin two sentences together because of the tears....however I did manage to get my tale of woe over to Toby Taylor who will always be to me my saving grace ...

He took on a case that I had carried with me for several years, his patience and understanding and words of wisdom that kept me from losing my wherewithal ...he knew I had no money for payment so I paid a stipend for what others would have walked away from. He has always been at the end of the phone or mail whenever I though I was going under ....I am not going to go through all the plethora of one liners but just say "Toby saved my life "

What took me 12 years of living in hell....took him 12 months .to resolve ..I cannot thank him enough ...we have never met and most likely will never but I would without hesitation advise anyone who is in similar place where I once was to make contact with him....nobody need suffer .....a true gentleman with a professionalism that is hard to beat...I feel I will always remain a friend to Toby and he to me ...

Thank you ...​


I would like to start by thanking you and your team at 'Harriet & George' for all your hard work and efforts in winning my court case on the 29th of October 2015. It has been a long and arduous road and I have had many sleepless nights, but you reassured me that my case was strong and not to worry, with most cases there are no guarantees but you were true to your word. The court passed judgement that all monies owed must be paid plus interest.

I couldn't be happier.

Mel Hakhnazarian

I am writing this letter to thank you for your outstanding work thus far. Your functional expertise and attention to detail are tremendously valuable. You were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive, quality contributions to the issues which I am facing in Portugal and Cyprus.

Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your help thus far.

Mr Childs

I confirm that Harriet and George and Mr Taylor have been instrumental in recovering my deposit of just over f 31,000.

Mr J B Morris

Just a few lines to thank you for your help and diligence in respect of our recent claim. We had reached a point where we felt that we would never achieve a result even though we had constantly phoned, emailed and written to the company outlining our concerns. However, when you and your team became involved, the matter was taken seriously and were are happy to say that we have received a full refund.

Once again thanks for your help and advice - we will not hesitate to recommend your services to other owners who find themselves in an unfortunate situation.

Mr and Mrs Hough

Sandy (Editor TCN) Just to let you know that with the help of H&G the full €15000h has been paid back toBarclays by the developer. lf you hear of anyone else having problems with this resort please let them know of H&G.

I cannot speak highly enough of what Toby and his team have done to resolve my problem.

Dave Kenyon