We are Harriet & George.

Whether you have a property dispute or an investment requirement with commercial or residential property, we have specialist property litigation solicitors and legal consultants to advise you.

Who we are.

H&G are recognised as experts in International Property Dispute Resolution. We work in a highly specialised field. H&G have been featured in articles and broadcasts in the UK and abroad. H&G is a specialist, multi-jurisdictional investigative and litigation practice based in London & Northamptonshire. H&G offer a professional proactive approach for people who have invested in property abroad and who believe that they have been, mis-sold, defrauded or simply ripped off. H&G uses a combination of traditional legal legwork and extra-ordinary measures to resolve the problems facing our clients. Our team also represent clients in building investigative models to solve a diverse set of extreme-fact problems caused by the dishonest conduct of developers, estate agents and advisers. H&G work in partnership with several multi-disciplinary teams of professionals as such we have the ability to draw experience and knowledge from an extensive network of lawyers, investigators and property / investment specialists. H&G are specialists in one single area, we do not dilute our talents. We are masters of International Property Disputes not a jack of all trades.


We advise our clients upon the full range of disputes which relate to their property portfolios.


We are property people first and litigators second. We understand the pressures our clients face and we always consider the commercial realities.


We regularly act in matters and work alongside our close contacts in cases throughout Europe and the rest of the World.


Our property dispute resolution reputation has given us access to exclusive property portfolios enabling us to broker sales at up to 35% below market value.

How we work.

1 At H&G if you have a Legal problem which you need to resolve we do not charge per hour or per unit of time. We do not charge for picking up the phone, sending a message or writing a letter. We do not charge for attending meetings away from our office, or for visits to local public agencies. And we will most certainly do not charge you for dropping by our office and sitting down with us for a cup of tea or coffee while you tell us about your case.

2 At H&G we look at the services we provide much in the same way you would: as a whole. Because nobody wants any surprises at the end of a Legal process, and because we enjoy what we do, our fees are determined before you commission the job from us. We are not driven by how long it takes us: we are driven by the end result. That is the only way to make sure our clients are satisfied and will continue to put their trust in us in the future.

3 We believe that H&G and the client must have a close and direct relationship with each other. We know our clients, and each of them is always represented by H&G to the same high standard. This results in a greater level of trust and a faster and more efficient approach which allows us to give our clients what they want and deserve.