Chinese tourists want to travel to Spain?

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How many Chinese Citizens visited Spain 2018 / 19?

The number is 649,032!

Last year, 97 million Chinese tourists crossed the borders of their country and this year it’s expected to increase the number up to 100 million tourists.

In 2018 / 19, 649,032 Chinese tourists visited Spain, representing accumulated growth of 128 per cent, over three years, according to official statistics from Spain.

With an average spend per person of 2,563 euros, Chinese travellers contributed over 1.66 billion euros a year to Spain’s tourist industry.

The Chinese are very savvy investors. It will be a hop, skip &  jump before they realise that London is no longer the best bet, especially once Boris hits them with huge taxes on their empty London properties.

I will put my head on the block.

The Chinese are eying up the Spanish Investment Property Market.

The time buys a couple of small high-end Holiday Rental Properties in beautiful cities like Granada, is right now.

They are relatively cheap/good value for money.

They are going to go up in value!!!