Market Reset Date Above.

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Did we ever really escape the financial crisis of 2008 or did we kick the can down the road and quadruple the problem with QE & a plethora of other moronic, ill-advised gambles designed to massage the Banking Industries inflated narcissistic ego’s.

Anyone with half an eye on the Stock Markets can see the gaps in the charts. And all the gaps must be filled at some point my friends, always!

Remember this, the majority of folk on the planet do not gamble on the Stock Market. So the fact that the market has risen recently. (Due mainly to some very tricky market manipulations & astonishing magician-like sleight of hand. Probably the team from Deutcher Bank. Lol), only helps a very select wealthy, elite few.

Any guesses as to who those people maybe my friends?

It’s not rocket science guys. By the way, if there are any jobs going in The City or the Fed or The World Bank, please let me know. I’ve always fancied a little earner in your sector guys.

Calling the market is easy when you already know which direction it’s heading in!

We certainly didn’t solve anything and are likely on the brink of one of the largest societal changes in modern history as the entire system faces a reset that could reshape our political climate and social experience.

These types of events are not unusual, in a Capitalist Society the problems are cyclical and the system is designed to reset its self every 30 / 50 years-ish. Yes, the system is designed to crash and reset. If you do not understand this then you are very naive and should never gamble in The City. There’s always a slim possibility of extending this big bang once again, but eventually, it will crash.

As sure as eggs is eggs!

My advice.

Buy some physical Gold & Silver.

(Do not store it at the Bank, just-in-case your local branch becomes a McDonalds or a Wine Bar post-crash).

Do not store it at home either for obvious reasons.

Pay off as many of your Bank debts/loans as you can.

Open a bottle of decent Brandy, Wine, Lager.

Strap yourself in, its gonna get messy my dears……


H&G’sHead Boy.