H&G LincoInshire Land Development Bond

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H&G’s Brief.

The brief we have is to create a high-quality retirement community in the heart of the picturesque village of Ruskington, Lincolnshire.

Working In collaboration with Andrew Woodford at Prestige Homes https://prestigeparkandleisurehomes.co.uk/ we will be presenting Bespoke Residential Units designed around the heart of the complex with a focus on community, neighbours and social inclusion.

The site is at the edge of the residential hub of Ruskington, 300m away from the nearest pub! Churches, public transport links, supermarkets, restaurants and pubic houses are within earshot – all while still being rural countryside with everything that has to offer for a peaceful retirement.

We are very excited about our new challenge.

Blissfully Happy!


H&G’s Head Boy.