Location and timing MUST be your guiding light to receive a guaranteed return.


Admit it, you’ve been thinking about investing in Spanish Rental Property!
You’ve read all the books, magazines and property reports.
You’re watching “A Place In The Sun” On TV!!
You’ve been religiously checking real-estate websites for properties and you may have attended the odd seminar.
Yet when push comes to shove, you get stopped in your tracks.
How many properties do you have making you money?

If the answer is 0, then it’s time to stop bluffing, and posturing..

The time to invest in Spanish property is right now. However, if this sounds like you, you’re not alone. In fact, less than 6% of adult UK residents, or roughly 1.3 million people, own an investment property anywhere, even though property is a national past-time in the UK. It’s not surprising. A lot of people talk a good fight, but they tend to get overwhelmed by the process and quit before they even begin. But it doesn’t have to be this complicated. The reality is, property investing is relatively straightforward, but property will not buy itself. So, to help you begin your journey, H&G ARE OFFERING YOU A TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. CONTACT H&G TODAY TO DISCUSS THE “SPANISH RENTAL BOND” YIELDING 16% ROI PER ANNUM.