Harriet & George offers global Real Estate services covering most of the needs of UK and foreign nationals wishing to invest in real estate. We are Legal Consultants specialising in Real Estate / Land and Property Law.

If you have had a bad experience with another agency, business or developer we offer a professional bespoke Dispute Resolution Service. Our main goal is keeping you safe during you’re time with us.

As well as having our own in house legally trained experts we also work in collaboration with several trusted Law Firms who specialise in property disputes, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible service in Spain and other EC countries.

At H&G we understand that the dream of owning a property as a Buy to Let investment, Holiday or Retirement Home, can sometimes turn into a nightmare.


  • You have purchased an off plan investment and the building works weren’t completed on time or at all, or the house is not built to plan.
  • You bought land that wasn’t the vendor’s to sell and / or the land doesn’t have the right planning permission or licences to start a build.
  • You don’t have the necessary Habitation licence to live in the property.
  • The land was mortgaged by the vendor before they sold it, and the bank says that you must pay some or all of the vendor’s debts or they will repossess your property.
  • A local lawyer or other agent has done business in your name using a power of attorney which seems to be for the benefit of themselves or someone else.
  • The developer has not banked your deposit in the correct way, so you have no effective bank guarantee against the property not getting built on time or at all.You were mis-sold complex financial products to fund your purchase that you don’t understand, like a mortgage repayable in Swiss Francs?

H&G understand that your purchase was more to you than simply the handing over of hard-earned savings. It is also a long-held ambition that has now turned sour.  If you have a problem which can be fixed, then all is not lost!

Our brokerage could take care of all your legal and administrative needs for you, regardless of how complex or simple they are, so that you can concentrate on the more important things in life.

After many years of experience in the area, we know full well the space which we operate in and we have a vast network of valued Legal contacts worldwide.



For the team at H&G, the client always comes first. All of our work revolves around the motto, there is no ‘I’ in team. We believe that H&G and the client must have a close and direct relationship with each other. We know our clients, and each of them is always represented by H&G to the same high standard. This results in a greater level of trust and a faster and more efficient approach which allows us to give our clients what they want and deserve.

We endeavour to keep our clients permanently informed about their case and to answer their legal queries within 48 hours.

At H&G if you have a Legal problem which you need to resolve we do not charge per hour or per unit of time. We do not charge for picking up the phone, sending a message or writing a letter. We do not charge for attending meetings away from our office, or for visits to local public agencies. And we will most certainly do not charge you for dropping by our office and sitting down with us for a cup of tea or coffee while you tell us about your case.

At H&G we look at the services we provide much in the same way you would: as a whole. Because nobody wants any surprises at the end of a Legal process, and because we enjoy what we do, our fees are determined before you commission the job from us. We are not driven by how long it takes us: we are driven by the end result. That is the only way to make sure our clients are satisfied and will continue to put their trust in us in the future.



It is essential for us to guarantee the funds with which our customers entrust us when we provide our services. At H&G we attain that goal in two ways:

1)    We employ Legal Consultants and certified Solicitors to look into the cases. They take care of all legal proceedings personally and supervise all additional administrative tasks. This allows us to achieve a high degree of excellence and makes it possible to protect our clients’ interests with coverage from our professional liability insurance.

2)    At H&G we take anti-money laundering regulations very seriously. Before we start working for new clients, we ask them to provide all the necessary information and we make the checks recommended by the correct authorities to avoid risky situations. We understand it may sometimes be inconvenient for the client to provide private details of an economic or professional nature, but what moves us is our desire to protect them against any eventual court proceedings and to strictly comply with the applicable law. As a brokerage, we are professionally bound to protect the confidentiality of your records and documents.

Do not trust firms that do not ask you to provide information: they are only putting their clients’ interests at risk.

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