H&G hold the exclusive contractual rights to sell bank repossession property for some of the most important Spanish Banks.  This exclusive deal was forged with the help of Luciano E. Armas Morales, Director of Banking for Banco Santander (retired).

H&G Real Estate Brokers area of expertise is to supply a uniquely broad range of property and land investments combined with an expert advisory service to both private and corporate investors around the world. Whether you are seeking a large or small investment, H&G Real Estate Brokers can create and execute an effective, creative and minutely tailored solution.

H&G Real Estate Brokers believe the source of our added value comes from our uniquely applied investment strategy and our ability to execute that strategy in a disciplined manner. Furthermore, we are well placed to satisfy our clients’ needs through a pantheon of global relationships, our experience of success, and our spirit of partnership.

H&G Real Estate Brokers has streamlined and optimised its data access to include only the most comprehensive property investment markets. This provides a timelier, more focused analysis of the speciality property markets and the effects of world economics; these are essential tools in providing key services to our clients.

The ability to identify emerging market trends through comprehensive research is the foundation of our success and the benefit of our proven and trusted service is what H&G Real Estate Brokers can extend to you. We believe that in order to unlock the power of property investment, we must be just as innovative in the mutual pursuit of the goals and challenges of the future. This is the basis of our success and the opportunity that we extend to our domestic and international clients.

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Wadenhoe House - Harriet & Legal Consultants HQ

Wadenhoe House – Harriet & George Legal Consultants HQ