H&G Investors Lunch Seminar 2020

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Legal Consultants.

BMV Property Seminar & Champagne Buffet Luncheon.

The Spanish BMV (Below Market Value) Property Seminar.

So, over the course of the next several months, clients from all over the UK will be beating a pathway to our front door, in order to immerse themselves in a unique and powerful program of exclusive, private seminars at a stunningly beautiful 5 * Secret Location in Lincolnshire.

Every single client who attends our Seminars will discover, share, maximize their hidden talents and gain a competitive investment advantage.

In today’s economic environment each of us is challenged to optimize the critical aspects of our wealth, which is essential to our long term prosperity and the development of wealth strategies in an evolving market.

In today’s competitive business environment, our clients are demanding one thing from H&G, performance—simply performance—on a daily / monthly and yearly basis.

We do not like letting our clients down, why, because it’s unprofessional and totally unnecessary, making money in a market which sees 73.1 million tourists visit Spain each year is not rocket science. It simply takes planning and some expert guidance.

 Please come and have lunch with us. 

If you like interacting with people, and would like to join us at our next informative lunch seminar then this is an opportunity too good to dismiss.

At ournext BMV Property Investment Seminar we will immerse you in the process of discovering the best Spanish BMV Property Investment secrets currently available to Investors.

During our seminars, you will harness the power of our 20 years of analytical researchand good old fashioned hard work. We will introduce you to some of our Investment Experts and Spanish friends. You will learn how to operate in Spain from an investor’s perspective, keeping emotion at bay.

By the end of the seminar, you will know how to make money from your investments from day one, and more importantly, thereafter you will know how to share your knowledge with others, and how to use it to address your greatest challenge. ROI.

Old School.

Our seminars are old school, there is no “Word Salad” we simply say it as it is and enjoy some good company, great food, a little libation or 3, not only are they educational they are also great fun and a great learning experience.

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

― Eric Hoffer

Open your mind to new experiences. 

Our luxury 5* seminars will open a new pathway for you, and challenge your stale old beliefs. Our seminars will increaseyour ability to bring forth the knowledge which you have gained and use it to benefit you and your family members now and well into the future.

All of our clients who chose to have a seat at the table are afforded the right to be heard,we deliver the information which our clients demand in a very calm and humorous manner, we aim to deliver every time. We like to be challenged on the facts and figures and demand a little intellectual banter.

The only problem that our clients should have, is that they did not attend an H&G seminar earlier.

We believe that the best way to ensure that we are all singing from the same song sheet is to get together regularly, build long term relationships, chew that fat break a little bread and discuss the latest BMV Property Investment secretsover a relaxing, educational and informative Champagne lunch.

The way ahead.

 H&G has found a way for our clients to not just survive, but thrive in the current economic environment, some of our turn key properties are up-to 35% BMV, and will rent in the Spanish holiday rentals market, for 30 weeks a year, guaranteed.

We have had to change the rules of the game some what, the old rules work but they are not as effective as they once were.

At H&G we have some very trusted friends at several Spanish Banks, we have loyal honest & fully Regulated Notaries / Lawyers, FCA Regulated Finance experts who actually live in, thrive in and understand Spain and Spanish life.

This puts us ahead of the curve in every situation. Our Spanish friends / colleagues always attend our seminars, they will happily answer all of your questions and you can ask them a plethora of different questions should you wish to.Do not hold back, get it out of your systems. We are tasked with helping youdiscover fantastic opportunities; it is a role which we take very seriously, so ask the difficult questions and demand a sensible answer to your questions during the seminar.


H&G will give you the ability to not only meet, but exceed your property investment potential, and achieve results you never thought possible. Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned professional, you cannot afford to miss our next highly anticipated 2020 seminar.

If you are new to educational seminars, we will hold your hand every step of the way, all you need to do is turn up. We make it incredibly easy for you to relax into the day, which will help you absorb the information &hopefully do business with us in the future.

Places & Spaces.

Spaces are now limited to 40 people at our next seminar as it is being filmed for our new TV advert and we need a little space for filming.

Please contact Harriet & George as early as possible, to reserve a table at our next VIP event.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, we all know this truth. So, our next Luxury Champagne Lunch Seminar is only, £399 pounds per person.

(If you would like overnight accommodation we can arrange this at a discounted rate in location).

Please call H&G and we will furnish you with our next seminar date.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Kind regards.

Harriet & George.

Contact H&G.

Tel 01832 864020.