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Where Can You Find An Investment Returning 12 % – 18 %.

Spain that’s where. Wise investors are flocking to buy BMV (Below Market Value) Property in Spain at up to 30% BMV, which means that you have equity built into the property from day one.
H&G are currently acting for clients from around the world as people scramble to buy the last remaining properties at as much as 25 % – 30 % BMV.

As the Geo-Political systems fail, and all the usual suspects in the City of London continue to fail savers, traditional investors, and people looking for a solid pension hedge, are seeking something which is far more tangible than traditional stocks and shares, and has the potential to give excellent ROI.
This is not the time to be a hero, second-guessing the traditional London City Stock Markets is tough at the best of times, and looking at the current markets, nothing much has changed. If you are expecting your city broker to talk you out of sending him more money, think again. Expect to be upsold by him time and time again, however, do not expect the returns to increase any time soon.

So, if protecting your capital and increasing your pension pot without being forced to buy a volatile and costly annuity or a risky stock is your number one priority, then the current Spanish BMV Investment Market cannot be underestimated.
Even a very small property in a good location has the potential to return you €15,000 a season in holiday rentals.

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