Do not let the dream of owning an investment property,turn into a nightmare.

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H&G Concierge Service.

The H&G Luxury Concierge Service was founded after careful consideration and analysis of the complex realities of the International Property Market. In the majority of cases clients require service, real service and not lip service, they also want value for money. The honest truth is this, almost 100% of estate agents do not represent buyers very well or well enough. Estate Agents represent their client, the seller, not the buyer.

Why do estate agents care more about the seller than the buyer, simple, because it’s the seller who pays them a commission? It’s that simple. The more they get from the buyer, the more they get paid by the seller, it’s simple, it creates a serious conflict of interest & it’s not rocket science.

So, who represents you, the buyer?

As you make probably one of the most important investment decisions of your life, you should be well represented and very well looked after. However, many people bumble into the heady world of investment property, knowing only this. They have a certain amount of money to spend and the desired location in mind. Is it any wonder then that we get dozens of calls over the course of a year, from clients begging for help after they have lost their life savings in dodgy property investment?

That’s where H&G come in.

We care about you the buyer & we respect the seller. Always. We wish to be of value to the buyer, and we want to be of service to you. Our aim is to leave no stone unturned in an effort to locate the best property for you and your family, to give you the best experience possible and to afford you the peace of mind which only comes from working with a company with international credentials.

What’s more important, the Goal or How You Get There?

The key to doing well in the Investment property market is being well-informed, and each outcome or goal is essentially two ‘Goals’:
1. The end destination.
2. The path is taken to reach it.
The reality is that the most successful people who do well in property really do have a well-defined path to get to their goal – not just a well-defined and compelling destination but a journey they relish and look forward to. Not in the sense of detailed milestones and plans but a feel for the direction they are taking. The journey really is more important than the goal.

Without compelling well-formed outcomes and professional advice you won’t reach your destination, alternatively, you may reach your end goal and look back on your property purchase with disappointment.

So, to avoid the pitfalls H& G will undertake the journey for you, we have been on the journey many times, we know the destination, and how to get to it and we will act with all the care and attention required to guarantee success.

This is how it works.

Contact us at our head office and book an appointment to come and have lunch with us if it’s convenient to do so. If you are too busy to have lunch or you are a foreign buyer you may choose to email us or talk to us on the telephone.

Brief us in full and then instruct us to act for you.

We will charge you a very small legal fee.
We will then undertake the following for you:
1. We will locate the best property/s for you in your chosen location. This always means travelling and doing the leg work on your behalf.
2. We will carry out all of the legal due diligence for you on the properties which we have chosen for you.
3. We will then organize a viewing trip for you.
4. We will organise 5* luxury accommodation for you at our expense, collect you and return you to the airport during the viewing trip.
5. We will organise the purchase and conveyancing for you.
6. And finally, we could organize the marketing, management and rental of the property for you should require this service.
It’s easy to business with us.
H& G has made it very easy for our clients to do business with us, the service is transparent, safe and effective.
It’s a hassle-free professional service which our clients love to use. We know when we have done a fantastic job because our clients come back to use our services time and time again.
International property is what we do, and because you know that we are your key ally in a complicated, fast-moving but often highly profitable property market, we should be able to do business together for many years to come.
We look forward to being of service to you.

Kind regards
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