Have your first £1000 to invest? Don’t even think about the stock market.

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Financial advisors are often asked by new investors for a single stock recommendation. Try not to listen to their nonsense. Some are fine, most are full of shit. Funny how they all seem to be working for a living and are not retired with a million in the bank, a red Ferrari and a trophy Hunny on their arm.

Many people think in terms of putting £1000 into a hot company in the market. That mindset is a bad way to start building your wealth. Yes, start-ups can be a great play, but not in 2019, we are heading for trouble, we have a Geo-Political mess heading towards us.

Why you should never fear missing out. Trust me, the stock market will crash, if not in 2019 then in 2020. We are heading for a huge market correction. So, it is not time to trust your City Broker? On the contrary, be afraid, be very afraid.

After a decade of very dodgy practices, QE has driven none returns across many public companies, from IPOs to tech-sector. The growth of stories and blue-chip stock revelations are being massaged. Its Bull-Shit, pun intended. You, the uninvested might feel even more pressure to put any money you have into the rabbit hole, due to your fear of missing out. PLEASE, DO, NOT, DO IT.

“When you have finally earned the right to invest, you need to be disciplined, build a diversified long-term strategic investing strategy based around small Land / Property developments which will not blink out when the market crashes.

One more time, in case you are not hearing me. The market is going to go “Pete Tong”!!

The current fraudulent high, which the City Traders are manipulating, massaging & pushing onto you with their dodgy, dirty QE Money. Is going to be the comedown from hell very, very soon. Trust me on this point.

The sketchy, paranoid walk home after a full-on bender at The Hacienda Club, Manchester, in the late1980’s will seem like a picnic when the current Stock Market implodes.

What you should do with the first £1000.

Invest it in safe, asset-backed Land Developments in the UK.

You are in no position to put your money at risk before they have figured out the fundamentals of any market. However, if you can invest £1000 and over a period of time double that money, you are in position A.

That means for many the first place to put the first £1,000 is in a high-yield, local property development, close to home with a group of other like-minded small investors. Where you can make a real rate of return on your money.

The numbers do not lie.

Do you have a calculator to hand?

  1. Pick it up.

Take £1000 and multiply it 10 times.

Just 10 times.

What figure do you have on the screen?

Please thrill me with your findings.

Frightening isn’t it, take only £1000 and double it only 10 times and you are a F*****G millionaire.

So, what’s the trick.

The calculator could have been created for just about any other use, but it will not lie to you when it comes to punching in your yield/returns.

So, now that we know that only takes 10 doubles, the trick is knowing where and how to double your money, safely.

This where we come into your orbit. Contact H&G today. We will hold your hand and help you make sense of the noise. There are no guarantees and no rewards without risk. However, be sensible, be risk-averse and you will not go far wrong.

If you don’t get it right, you are much more likely to start investing in the worst possible way: by making a huge mistake in the City at the worst possible time. Which is now! This is not the time to tip your toe into the Stock Market.

We want to show you a better way. Our mission is to make you feel and know that you are not missing out by not being involved in the Stock Market at the moment, it has its place, but it is not, now.

“You should feel better by knowing that you are on the right track.”


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