Why land is one of the safest places to invest money, Today.

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What is a safe investment right now? In my mind, the definition of a “safe investment” has changed somewhat over the past few years.  

As a Legal Consultant and expert in Property / Land Investment, I believe land is inherently a good place to invest money — one that has historically shown appreciation in value. And I believe rural land, if purchased at the right price, is a great investment to make.  

But it is the word “safe” that I have placed more weight on in recent months. Here is why I personally believe land is the safest to put your money if you are an average person with some means. 

The stock market could crash, but your land isn’t going anywhere. Economic uncertainty and turmoil around the world is leaving investors looking for the safest place to invest money.

There are as many different investment strategies as there are investment gurus touting the safest place to invest your money in this economy. But what really constitutes a “safe investment” these days?

Several years ago, in most of the major cities across the world, people were gathered in parks and banding together to “occupy” and protest. What they were protesting, even they were not in agreement on. But they were hell bent on shutting down Wall Street, The City, halting Globalization, stopping Climate Change, Saving the Whales,and burning down Monsanto Corp, etc etc. The well-intentioned protestors were camping out in City Centers, burning trash in the streets, and vandalizing businesses.

So, imagine if things got really badeconomically next year, 2020. Just look at how the protests in Greece or France were sparked by their economic woes.


When you purchase land, you can rest assured that your investment will be in the same place every day. It is not going anywhere because it is fixed. I read in British newspapers & the New York Times that up to 75% of trades made on the New York Stock Exchange are done electronically, taking place in millionths of a second.  These are computer-generated transactions with no human involvement other than inputting what should signal a trade. This scares me to think that so much of the worlds wealth depends on this imperfect system to work perfectly.

All of that money is simply floating around in the air. Not so with land. It is a certainty that if the sun comes up tomorrow, your land will be there too.


Stocks, bonds, and gold have all been solid investments at times, however in periods of uncertainty, people should put their money into an asset that not only has potential to appreciate in value, but is also useful. Rural land is the safest investment to me because if things get really bad.


People are great. Crowds are crazy. Mobs are madness. People in close confines meld into mobs that lose all reason in a hurry, when the economy goes pear shaped…. Owning land acreage is a great way to put a buffer between you and the potential madness that economic distress causes because Land does not blink out on a computer screen.

I am not normally prone to be a conspiracy theorist or one to cry it’s the end of the world. But I look around at what has happened in the US, Europe and see that the markets could crash again. Greece nearly went under because of a little over $50 billion in debt.


The United States owes more than $18 trillion.

The UK National Debt is estimated to be £1.84 trillion. 

The takeaway from this article is that land is the safest place to put your money.

Not merely to protect your money, but to protect you and your loved ones futures.

This investment strategy is not limited to the super rich. Smart investors like George Sorros and Ted Turner are way ahead of me on this. They both have a stag gingering amount of land in their portfolios. This advice is aimed at the person that can scrape together at least £10,000.

Land is the safest place to invest, if times get tough, land will be a lifesaver.

Someone is going to own it. Will it, be you?

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