Trip to Spain

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H&G’s Head Boy.

Having just returned from a trip to Spain.

The small town of Huéscar remains one of my hidden little gems.

A 2-hour drive from the Alicante airport on a straight road. (Pop on cruise control and sit back).

1 hour is from both Granada and the Ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada.

I’m amazed that you can still find property for as little as €20,000 for a small 2-bedroom cottage, in the small market town.

OK, so it’s not Marbella, the value of the property may creep up in the next 20 Years, however, I do not want it to be Marbella.
I want it to be what it is, the real Spain.

I do not wish to go there for the noise, the bright lights, the vulgar Ex Pat Pubs and the scudo wealth.
Personally, I like walking, fishing, cycling, practicing (and failing, frequently) to produce a watercolor painting worth hanging on the toilet wall.

I like reading books in fields with a picnic, swallowing cheap local wine, with only the sounds of nature sighing on my bronzed warn skin.

I like the stillness, the weekly markets, and the fact that hardly anyone speaks English!

This forces you to speak Spanish and in a week my Spanish had improved considerably.

If you have never visited this part of Spain, try it.

It’s gentle, and that’s a nice concept in this day and age.