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Here’s what will happen if the Brexit deal is defeated and Britain crashes out of the EU

Theresa May could face a struggle getting her deal approved by the Cabinet and Parliament

THERESA May has struck a Brexit deal with Brussels – but there’s no guarantee it will actually go through.

The PM is meeting ministers today to try and win the backing of her Cabinet.

A Brexit deal has been struck but could be rejected by Parliament.

But even if they do support the deal, Mrs. May faces a tougher challenge later this year when MPs get a vote on the withdrawal agreement.

If the Commons blocks the deal, the PM will have to go back to the drawing board and reopen talks with Brussels.

She will also need to activate No Deal contingency plans immediately – with a number of immediate consequences.


Ministers will need to place an order for ships to bring in necessary supplies – and to put plans in place to stockpile medicines – in case of a chaotic No Deal.

Ministers could end up booking dozens of ferries Ministers are poised to spend £75million securing ten cross channel ferries to thwart any Brexit chaos – as first revealed by The Sun.

They could then go to Dutch or Belgian ports instead of Calais, with officials choosing which trucks sailed on them.


Ministers drew up secret plans to stockpile processed food earlier this year – if EU talks collapsed.

Emergency measures were begun to keep Britain’s massive food and drinks industry afloat – including stockpiling ahead of exit day on March 29 next year.

Dominic Raab is in charge of No Deal planning

Similar stockpiles are also being prepared for medical supplies amid fears of chaos at British ports next year.

If Britain starts actively planning for No Deal, these plans will need to be ramped up.


Britain’s armed forces are on standby to help with a No Deal, it was confirmed this week.

Sir Nick Carter said the forces would be on hand and “ready to help” if needed in the case we leave the EU without a deal.

But he refused to confirm reports that the army was helping to stockpile food and medicine – as had been feared.

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “What we always do is make sensible contingency plans for all sorts of eventualities.”

Earlier this year it was reported that ministers had considered using the army to deliver food and medical supplies if needed.

There could be chaos at the borders.

Borders and IT systems.

Ministers need to authorize No Deal projects for new IT systems and projects to protect Britain’s borders.

The Government faces a race against time to replace critical systems, boost Border Force staffing levels and build new infrastructure to track goods in time for our departure next March.

But there’s Government’s official watchdog has already said there’s not enough time to adequately prepare.

This will leave the UK powerless to enforce new customs rules at the border from day one.

Europeans currently living in the UK will be able to stay permanently no matter what happens.


Both sides have already taken steps to protect holidaymakers even in a No Deal scenario.

Brits won’t need a visa to visit the continent for up to three months at a time – and EU citizens will also be able to visit the UK freely. But British driving licenses and pet passports won’t be valid if there’s no withdrawal deal.


So, what happens next?

Who knows!

Well, the PM has lost all credibility and may either resign or be pushed out.

Jeremy Corbin may get his shot at becoming Westminster’s Head Boy.

Maybe a general election.

A second referendum.

Who knows, the lunatics have taken over the asylum!