The Brexit Day That Wasn’t, Leaves Britain Counting the Cost

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For more than two years, the clock ran down toward March 29, the day Prime Minister Theresa May pledged Britain would leave the European Union.

As the drama rolls on, the costs mount from the Brexit day that wasn’t.

May’s deferral of the departure to at least April 12 came too late for companies that spent months assuming the crunch would arrive as scheduled.

If London and Brussels delay further to avoid a chaotic no-deal split, some of the preparations could turn out to have been for naught.

The overall mood after May’s latest defeat is deepening despair.

“The Brexit merry-go-round continues to spin, but the fun stopped a long time ago,”

We are running out of words to express how sick business leaders are of being stuck in this spirit-sapping limbo.”

We would like to remind you that we H&G made this call, and forecasted this scenario some time ago.

If you have money in the Stock Market, doing nothing, we strongly suggest that you remove yourself from the position, take the small hit for exiting early and then put your money into something, safe, tangible and sensible.

It ‘May’, disappear, otherwise. (Pun Intended).