Scaremongering aside, what will Brexit vote mean for pensions?

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TT. H&Gs Head Boy.

Happy new year everyone.

Will 2019 be a sticky as all of the doom and gloom pundits in London are predicting??

Well, scaremongering predictions about the future of pensions and other retirement benefits after a Brexit vote were proclaimed during the EU campaign, and naturally decried by the leave camp

But whatever the total tosh talked in the heat of a referendum battle, there are bound to be consequences for UK savers approaching retirement and pensioners now the UK has broken with Europe – on investment returns, interest rates, expat arrangements, and future rises in the state pension.

It’s also likely an overhaul of pension tax relief that could see savings incentives slashed will be back on the table, especially if public finances come under pressure.

So, should you hedge your bets, and hedge your pensions or simply follow the politicians over the edge of a very steep cliff.

H&Gs advice, is very simple. Hedge your bets, do not believe the hype, are your pensions as safe as they once were? Do not bank on it guys.

You should look to Invest in Tangible, Safe, Asset Backed Investments with a half decent return, do this and you will not go too far wrong.

Please see example below.