At Harriet & George we understand that the dream of owning a holiday home can turn into a nightmare.

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  • The building works weren’t completed on time or at all, or the house or garden is too small.
  • You bought land that wasn’t the vendors to sell and/or that doesn’t have the right planning permission.
  • You don’t have the necessary licence to live in the property or the land was mortgaged by the vendor before they sold it to you, and the bank says that you must pay some or all of the vendor’s debts or they will repossess your property.
  • A local lawyer or other agent has done business in your name using a power of attorney which seems to be for the benefit of someone else.
  • The developer has not banked your deposit in the correct way, so you have no effective bank guarantee against the property not getting built on time or at all.
  • You were mis-sold complex financial products to fund your purchase that you don’t understand, like a mortgage repayable in Swiss Francs?
  • You were mis-sold a holiday accommodation or holiday.

“We understand that your purchase was more to you than simply the handing over of hard-earned savings. It is also a long-held ambition that has now turned sour”.  

All is not lost!

H & G deliver cost-effective access to justice and compensation in overseas property disputes. We specialize in this area of Law, and can provide you with a transparent, cost-effective service. If you feel that you have been duped, miss-sold or simply ripped off; you must take intelligent legal advice, and remedy the situation following the letter of the law.

There is no quick fix, contracts are designed to be performed, not ignored.  There are several legal remedies available to you in law.

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